UNIQLO Uで買ったもの








Every season UNIQLOU is going to be seen and there is something to buy.

UNIQLOU designer Christophe Lemeire is a former Hermes designer and LEMAIRE designer. UNIQLOU designed by Lemer has high cost performance and likes urban design. Lemer offers such a popular and high-quality design, and UNIQLO is optimizing its cost performance by reducing the unit price of products with capital. It would be a place where you can evaluate the places you offer to customers by sharing good points with each other.

The theme for this season is the illustration of mediocre punches found at COWBOOKS when Mr.Lemaire visited Nakameguro. The illustration of the mediocre punch is from Ayumi Ohashi. I'm happy to hear that my favorite Ayumi Ohashi is the source.

At UNIQLOU every season, we will focus on cuts, knits and pants.

The first thing I bought was a turtleneck T.

Until last year, it was a mock neck, but it was changed to a turtleneck, and the texture was changed to a smooth texture. It ’s a smooth and smooth taste. A turtleneck T-shirt isn't quite good when you look for it. When I searched about 10 years ago, I couldn't find anything better than John Smedley, but I stopped it because it was expensive and not suitable for everyday use. This T-shirt is conscientious because it costs 1990 yen.



Always wear it with old clothes. The jacket in the photo is a Dutch jacket from the 1920s. Since it is highly pure white, it is compatible with black. There are many other color variations, so you may buy some colors. Recommended.